Thomas Martinez Pilnik

ART 2610: Basic Studio, Sculpture


Professor: Thomas Martinez Pilnik

Office: ARTB 119 (woodshop)
Office Hours: By Appointment
Contact Info: or (434) 270-4520
Response Time: Within 24 Business Hours

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“To be a truly conscientious artist, you have to look at what's not working and challenge it. You riff on things.” – Kara Walker

“In my sculpture, it's not an image I am seeking, it's not an idea. My goal is to re-live a past emotion. My art is an exorcism, and beauty is something I never talk about.” – Louise Bourgeois

Communication Philosophy: My door is open and I am here to support your journey not only into design & aesthetic theory but also throughout college. Please get in touch when you need to, support each other often, and together we will cultivate a supportive classroom environment

Student Feedback: Each semester, I incorporate student feedback into my course and deeply value your input throughout the semester, during mid-term evaluations, and at the end of the semester.

Note: This syllabus is meant to serve as an outline and guide for the course. Please note that the instructor may modify it at any time with reasonable notice to students. The instructor may also modify the Schedule at any time to accommodate the needs of the class. Should you have any questions or concerns about the syllabus, it is your responsibility to contact the instructor for clarification

Course Description

Introduction to the Introduction to principles and techniques of Sculpture

ART 2610 is designed to introduce students to thinking and working three dimensionally. Students will have an opportunity to broaden their understanding of what sculpture can be and discover and appreciate how material, space, and intention cooperate to form the basis of three-dimensional art. You will receive extensive instructions as to how to navigate this course, the assignments, and the physical studios.


Learning Outcomes

1.       Understand, analyze, and work with the formal and conceptual characteristics of making sculpture

2.     Demonstrate competency and proficiency with technical workshop skills

3.     Display an awareness of the relationship between the body (physical sensation), breath (rhythm) and mind (concepts) i.e., the creative process.

4.    Develop a working studio practice that allows you to realize a body of work that is skillful, thoughtful, engaged, and informed.

5.     Establish a rigorous, creative, and safe environment where techniques and ideas can be learned and worked with.

Recommended Preparation & Proficiencies

Prerequisites are Art 1010 and 1030, and I suggest you come to this class with the following: 

·      An eager attitude towards the Avant Garde, the weird, the unknown, and the new

·      Willingness to work collaboratively towards a collective artistic goal, this is not a solo endeavor

·      Excitement to share about your favorite artists, designers, creatives, etc.

·      No assumptions about your peers, yourself, and anything else. No assumptions.

·      Readiness to experiment with places, materials, and audiences amongst other things

·      Understanding of your creative inspirations and processes, and willingness to abandon them (temporarily, maybe)

Course Notes and Teaching Strategies

This class is offered for a Letter Grade Only

Any presentation slides and additional resources will be posted on HuskyCT

Announcements will be posted on HuskyCT and emailed concurrently

Any readings and other materials will be posted on HuskyCT

This class will be discussion and collaboration based and participation is core to that. I will attempt to employ multiple pedagogical strategies throughout the semester to ensure all students feel included and able to contribute. We all learn differently, and I will account for that.

Reading and research is central to art, so – when asked - please make sure to arrive prepared and with a couple of key talking points, questions, or platforms to initiate critical discussion.

Course Materials

Additional items, course reading, and media will be made available within HuskyCT or by email.