Thomas Martinez Pilnik

Description and Assessment of Assignments

More info to come as the semester progresses

Participation – 20% - Always

Keep The Same Energy (KTSE)

Come prepared, engaged, appropriately caffeinated, and ready to critically participate with your classmates and with me. Every session, try bring me your best.
The Book – 20% - Always

Work Smart, Stay Up t Date, Document Your Work

Number 1 – 20% - 10/06

The Formal

How do materials respond to physical intervention?

Number 2 – 20% - 11/03

The Conceptual

How can materials respond to our ideas?

More details forthcoming...
Number 3 – 20% - 12/08

The Wholistic Practice

How can we merge the formal and the conceptual to create total works of art?

More details forthcoming...